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Hurrah For HARO: Peter Shankman Helps Reporters Get Sources

For journalists, especially (us) freelancers who get assignments spanning a range of topics and beats, one of the biggest (solvable) challenges is finding sources (appropriate people to talk to for quotes, facts, background information, etc.)
(Harder-to-solve challenges include finding more work, and finding assignments that pay reasonable rates.) Continue reading

Include City/State Location And Date In All Event Invites/Reminders

Here’s the sanitized (anonymized) start email I got today:

Subject: Countdown: One week away! Register today!

[EVENT NAME HERE] Expo + Conference


Last Chance to Register in Advance for the 2009 [EVENT] Expo + Conference!

What’s missing from the entire message is any mention of where — like a city and state — the heck this event is. Continue reading