Don’t Use Pop-Ups For Your Press Releases

The whole idea of posting press releases on your web site is so that the press can read them. Easily. And quickly. If a reporter is on deadline — or is doing a topical article, where one of your competitors would be just as acceptable as your company — you don’t want to inject unnecessary obstacles.

So I’m trying to look at press releases for this site — it doesn’t matter which — and while I’ve found the web page that has a list of them, and when I click on the links, nothing happens.Right-clicking suggests this is some Flash-based thingie. I can zoom the view of the list. But I can’t actually get any of the press releases.

I notice that FireFox has prevented a popup window from opening.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I could tell Firefox it’s OK to allow pop-ups for this site, et cetera. But it’s not worth it, at least this time.

Bzzt! Time’s up. Off to find a company who wants me to be able to access their news information quickly and easily.

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