Great Moments In Unnecessarily Misleading, Off-Point Headlines

A recent press release on PR News wire had the headline:

Small Businesses Agree: The Web is Dead

and led with “Wired had it right; the web is dying. [REDACTED]s small business customers have shown a distinct preference for managing their documents in the cloud with downloadable applications – both on the iPad and on their Windows desktops – vs. using their browsers.”

So, a, one company’s “opinion” (or its interpretation of one thing their customers are doing) equals this “fact”? (Here’s another possible interpretation of the data: “Our browser access is badly done.”)

Wired was right?

Using a native client instead of a browser equals “the web is dead”?

Move over, Chicken Little, you’ve got company.

The release continues, “That is why we are proud to announce…”


P.S. to PR company: Include an email address in your press releases.

P.P.S. If “the web is dead,” why are you having your press releases posted to a web site?

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