“Please Post This Release On Your Site”

A fair amount of email from vendors and agencies includes that request,  While it’s true that a fair number of sites and print pubs do post/print press releases verbatim or nearly so, that doesn’t mean it’s safe or strategic to lead with that assumption.For example, from this morning’s email (specifics omitted):

and my reply (specifics omitted):

The reality is, of course, I usually delete email like this barely read, much less acknowledged. But this is yet one more case of the asymmetry of PR — it’s expensive and time-consuming to vet each intended recipient so that (we) only get messages that are at least a nominal match for what we do/cover. It’s dirt cheap to blast messages out to bazillions of journalists.

Whereas for us PR-email-deluged journalists, we have to if nothing else consider taking a few seconds to skim each message before giving it the DELETE-key finger.

And that’s one more reason why reporters rarely have time to acknowledge each message, politely respond with a “Sorry, but no interest,” etc.

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