Keeping Press Release Lists On Topic

I wish press release aggregators would manage topics

Because one of my current gigs as a freelance technology writer is doing daily news stories (for InformationWeek SNB), I’m checking several of the press-release aggregating sites daily, like PR NewsWire For Journalists (, and get several summary email messages from example, my PR NewsWire profile specifies

“New Products/Services” and I’ve picked the computer/Internet technology categories.

But an appalling amount of what’s listed is not a match, even if one concedes that a new website counts, like “ Launches Upgraded Site”

For example,

It’s not as bad as it good be. But it’s still wasting my (and a lot of other people’s) time by not staying focused. I don’t know how much of the blame goes to the releasers, for not following category rules, or to the aggregators for not enforcing them.

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